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Friday, May 6, 2011

cont' from the first post....

ok, apparently I hit the wrong button while on my rampage about Nate's coolness!  Oops.  So another post or two shoulod finish it up :D

Nate, back to Nate... he is to cool for his own good.  His clothes, his hair, his "style".  How does an 11 yr old have that much style?  He is a ham, with a lot of charizma mixed with a blend of attitude.  Ugh!
Tatem is my 9 yr old.  She is the princess but not as girly as you would think of when I use the word 'princess'.  She does not play with Barbies, or babydolls.  She has a love for stuffed animals.  While I, a shoe queen, has one in every color, she needs a comfy pair of tennies and great pair of boots (I guess every girl has to start somewhere). Tatem is special.  Special story, remarkable child.  She was born with a disability but is so much more than the doctors said she would be.  More to come on that a bit later.
Taylor, Nate, and Tatem have the same father, Trevor.  You will probably here that name alot, ha! 
Then there is Caleb.  Oh Caleb!  He is the youngest, just turned 3 in Feb., and is DEFINATLY the firmest meaning of 3 yr old there is.  If you look in the dictionary for toddler, terrible twos's or anything resembling that, you will instantly see a picture of this kid!  Through all his busi~ness, mouthi~ness, and temper, he is THE cutest kid!  He can be such a love bug, and curious, sweet, with the most precious facial expressions attached.  He is the only grandchild on Matt's side of the family, so that makes his an instant fav!  In his trying to carry on a full blown conversation, as no one but mom can understand, he just has those folks tied around his little finger!  Speaking of, those folks, that would be my in-laws.  Gail (mother-in-law), Steve (father-in-law), Amanda (sister-in-law), grandmother (LOVE HER!), and Uncle Mike.  That is the biggest gyst of Matt's side of the family.  Now he has distant 'folks', but the ones who we have relationship with is Aunt Barbra and Uncle Ralph.  They are wonderful!  You will probably hear about them a time or two too!
My side of the family, however, is, well, much MUCH larger.  We have a his, hers, & ours blend, and the drama is a bit thicker.  I will try to refrain, but there may be some days.... :)
My mom, Natalie, is one of the hardest workers I know, and I am lucky to have her for a mom.  My dad, Tiny, is married to Carol.  I love the relationship I have come to have with them.  I have two sisters, Jennifer and Jessica, and a (not-so-baby)brother, Austin.

I want to continue this discussion, but you see, the weekend has begun and this gang is home from school.. OH MY GOODNESS!  I think I am ready to pull my hair all ready and it is not even into the evening on Friday.  I will catch up again when it is not so.... ugahhhahahh!